WP Fast Dash Review And Bonus – The Dangers Of WordPress Revealed

If you use WordPress, and especially if you have more than one site, then have you ever noticed how terrible WordPress is at letting you know when your software needs to be updated? Go here if you are looking for the WP Fast Dash Bonus page (I know it say Wp Ad Slinger Bonus but it applies to all Bill Guthrie products on this website).

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In fact, you don’t know that your plugins and themes—even WordPress itself—are completely out of date (big security risk!) until the next time you log in.

Did you know that hackers actively search for outdated WordPress sites? It’s the easiest things for them to hijack. That’s why each new version of WordPress has security fixes in it, to combat those jerks.

Security is just one of the things on my mind as I write this. The other BIG THING is how tedious and clunky it is when you have more than one WordPress site.

Logging in, logging out, logging into another site, logging out of that one and into another one…

And don’t even get me started on the pains involved with creating a new site on a new domain…

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If this sounds familiar, I have good news and bad news:

The Good News

A trusted name in marketing has created a complete system for managing every one of your WordPress sites all from one web-based location. With the click of a button you can:

  • Update all your plugins
  • Update your theme
  • Update WordPress
  • Add new posts
  • Install new plugins & themes
  • Backup your entire site to the cloud
  • Know your site rankings, back links, and social signals
  • And even CLONE your entire site to a new domain!
  • Plus a lot of other time-saving goodies that will transform your relationship with your sites!

There’s a lot of amazing things going on, and you’re going to flip when you see it in action.

And the best part is that a very special offer is being made available for the quick action-takers.

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The Bad News

The bad news is that you’ll have to act quick. I have it on good authority that while the price will start very low, it will go up and up and up through the 7-day Grand Opening.

After that, it goes to a monthly subscription. But during the grand opening, you’ll be picking up Lifetime Access for a small one-time fee.

Be sure to check back at exactly 9am EST tomorrow to check out my bonus offer. You’ll want to get over to the sales page right away, cause the price is going to jump quickly.

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SchemaPress Review – New WordPress Plugin

A new WordPress plugin just hit the marketplace and I wanted you to know about it first!

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SchemaPress reviewIt’s called SchemaPress (from Bill Guthrie & company), and you should consider picking it up if:

— You have a WordPress site — You do Search Engine Optimization/Marketing for site traffic

If that’s not you, there’s no need to read any further. Go on with your day and make it a great one!

Check Out My SchemaPress Bonus Offer

However, if that IS you, then bonus read on to see why SchemaPress is a “must-have” solution for you:

Google, Bing and Yahoo all agree on one thing:

They want site publishers to include “schema markups” on their pages and posts.

This “schema” is additional information that helps the search engines truly understand your page content. Think of it as “tags on steroids.”

And when we markup our pages with schema, then we can get REALLY AWESOME results in the search engine pages.

Extra elements like author photos, review stars, maps, address and phone numbers…all that extra stuff that catches searchers’ eyes and increased click-through on your page results.

Marking up schema normally requires manually adding code to the html of your pages and posts, which is dicey at best.

But that’s where Schema Press comes in…

SchemaPress allows you to add endless schemas to your pages.

Bill even thought to provide schema profiles to be saved, to speed things up as your site grows.

Everything you need to know is on the sales page here:

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It may appear like a technical idea on the surface, but it’s a process the search engines truly want us going through…and they’re willing to reward us for doing so.

SchemaPress takes the technical aspect out of it so you just fill in a couple of bits of information (that you already have) and submit. EASY PEASY!

Bill Guthrie is notorious for raising his prices, and that’s exactly what’s happening here. So I hope this finds you soon and you click through to see why I’m so excited about SchemaPress!

Buy from the link below and get my #1 YouTube Ranking System FREE.

Here’s the link again: SchemaPress


Wp Ad Slinger Bonus Offer – #1 YouTube Ranking System

This bonus offer applies to SchemaPress too. You can read my SchemaPress review here. Or click here if you are looking to download the plugin.

I have put together the best Wp Ad Slinger bonus. I have looked around at what other people are offering and not that I want to bash them too much but really a million WordPress plugins for a “value” of $6000 REALLY?  You have to be kidding me!

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Don’t Waste Your Time With Bonuses That Don’t Work Or That You Won’t Use

Here are my two main problems with that kind of bonus. There are only so many plugins that a person can use. You will spend more time trying to figure out how they work and trying to fix the bugs than it’s worth. Trust me I know unfortunately I’ve got suckered into my share of these great “bonuses”. I am not going to pass on that lazy approach to bonuses.

wp ad slinger bonus

I’m Doing It Differently

I have personally put together a report detailing how I get #1 rankings in YouTube over and over again. I am always a little surprised when I hear people talking bad about YouTube because for me it has never been easier to rank videos both in the Youtube search engine and Google.

Why does YouTube rank so well in Google you ask? Well because no one loves Google more than Google love Google. Since YouTube is owned by Google they favor them a lot! When is the last time you did a Google search and didn’t see a couple YouTube videos right up in the rankings.

Google Loves Google and YouTube Is Google

You Don’t Have To Look Far For Proof

It is completely logical that Google would favor and give their own products a boost. That is just business. But if that wasn’t enough take a look at these screenshots.

YouTube Videos

YouTube videos are popping up all over the place in the top search engines results and with my bonus you can see yours up there too. You have might have seen this video pop up yourself, if not you can click here to check out the Wp Ad Slinger review video herewp ad slinger youtube bonus

Google Authorship

ellie harper google authorshipIt doesn’t take very many Google searches to notice Google Plus Authorship pictures filling the first page of results. Ok that’s the end of my rant about that and onto why you are here.

My Wp Ad Slinger Bonus YouTube Ranking System

I will give you my system that I use to rank Youtube video all the time. It is a short report that is straight to the point with no fluff. I will tell you about both free and paid services I use too.

This won’t get your ranked for keywords like “make money online” but if you are going after keywords like that chances are you don’t need my bonus. But it is money in the bank for those low hanging fruit keywords, you know the long tail keywords always here guru’s telling you to go after.

Well you are still reading for a reason so go ahead and grab Wp Ad Slinger through the link below. Then come back here and shoot me a message through my contact form with your receipt number and I will get My Personal YouTube #1 Ranking System out to you as soon as possible.

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Still Undecided Watch Wp Ad Slinger In Action To See If It’s Right For You

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wp ad slinger setup video

Who Is Bill Guthrie

Bill GuthrieBill Guthrie’s latest product launches are WP Ad Slinger and SchemaPress.

Click here to read my Wp Ad Slinger review.

Click here to read my SchemaPress review.

Guthrie is a successful, hard-working, and thorough internet marketer and product creator.

He is the founder and CEO of billguthrie.co and cofounder of Opportunity Marketers.

You may be familiar with some of this work such as Free the Boss, Massive Niche List, or his Google Plus Manifesto. Bill has produced multiple products with great success and a lot of happy customers.

Getting Started

With a degree in English from the University of Texas in Austin and a passion for writing Bill dreamed of quitting his day job to write fiction. Every year in January his yearning for this creative freedom would intensify with the drop in economy, so one day about 15 years ago he decided to research “how to make money online.”

After many failed attempts, including doing surveys and writing PLR articles among other things, he finally found his passion and plenty of success as a product creator. While working at a digital agency, Bill learned from some incredible minds about online business development, building websites, and converting online sales.

The success of his products and high volume of repeat customers demonstrates his knowledge and expertise in this area. This thriving entrepreneur states himself that he loves analyzing challenges and figuring out solutions to help other people sell.

Bill Guthrie’s Online Success

Bill’s first product was Massive Niche List in which he put over a hundred hours of his time and passion into. He was thrilled to make $300 in the first 24 hours of launch. The first real money he had made working online.

The next day this product was chosen as WSO of the day by Mike Lantz of Warrior Plus and in one day Bill had made over $8000 in sales. Bill’s dream of writing and working for himself came true. He has been unemployed now for almost 2 1/2 years, that’s over 815 days.

He has sold over 37,000 units and made over $514,000 online so far. Instead of being trapped in a box with annoying coworkers and overbearing bosses for the majority of his week he gets to be at home enjoying life with his wife and kids.

Bill claims his success comes from his understanding of other Internet marketers’ problems and online struggles to turn a profit, being hard-working and yet lazy, and his passion for what he does.He takes pride in his projects and treats them as if they were his children. Most importantly, he wants you to succeed too.

What’s up Next for Billguthrie.co

With his recent releases of One Cent Likes, Facebook Pages Blueprint, FB Profit Tactics and Twit Profit Blueprint this Internet marketer has been busy creating products that teach you how to make money online.

His next launch will be for WP Ad Slinger, a WordPress plugin that allows you to create effective Facebook-like ads for your sites. This plugin will be available on November 7. I can’t wait to get mine.

WP Ad Slinger Review – Facebook Style Ads On WordPress

Wp Ad Slinger is a new WordPress plugin by Bill Guthrie. If you are looking for his latest plugin you can read my SchemaPress review here.

If you are looking for a niche research course then you might be interested in reading this Niche Opportunities Revealed review Bill’s latest niche research course.

Quick Facts:

wp ad slingerOfficial Website: Click Here To Go There Now
What: WordPress Plugin
When: November 7, 2013
Bonus Offer: Of Course, Click Here To Check It Out

All of the money Facebook makes comes from when their users click on the ads. So you can bet they have spent a fortune designing the way their ads look.

Wp Ad Slinger Looks Like Facebook

With Wp Ad Slinger you can have the same looking ads on your WordPress blog. You can have the same looking ads as Facebook up and running on your blog in under 5 minutes.

Click Here To Get Your Copy

Ads People Naturally Click On

Next time you are on Facebook take a look at the ads on the right hand side of the screen. It is crazy how many people click on those ads. Millions of people click on these ad every day.

You can bet when people come to your website they will be much more likely to notice and click on your ads.

This means that when they visit your website and see the same looking ads on your sidebar they will be more likely to notice them and click on them. Wp Ad Slinger is a great way to monetize your site.

Straight Forward Setup

Once you have the plugin installed in WordPress you can have ads up and running in seconds. All that you have to do is fill out a short form with basic information like the description and the website address you want them to go to.

After that you can upload the image you want to display and you have the option to crop it if it doesn’t quite fit.

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Instantly See Which Ads Are Working

Wp Ad Slinger will record the impressions, clicks and click through rate for each ad that you create. This is a really great feature because you can see right away what is working and what’s not. This way you will be able to pick the ads that are working the best and display those.

Customizable Within Your Widgets

Once you drag and drop Wp Ad Slinger into your widget area you will be able to customize the way your ads show up. You can change the number of ads you want to show, how long they are displayed and the position they appear.

I really like that you can make these ads completely dynamic so that they same ad isn’t always displayed.

Monetize Your Website Like Facebook

It’s no secret that Facebook makes a ridiculous amount of money from their ad revenue. Now with Wp Ad Slinger you can cash in on a system that is working very well right now.

Click here to check out Wp Ad Slinger for yourself.

Here is video demo you can check out on YouTube.

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I hope you have found my Wp Ad Slinger review helpful.

Best WordPress Plugins 2013

Plugins are a great way to extent the capabilities of WordPress. They allow every web master to customize the features and functions of their website.

Preinstalled Hello Dolly and Akismet

There are two plugins that are preinstalled on every WordPress blog Akismet and Hello Dolly. Although Hello Dolly can be a fun plugin I don’t use it and delete it from all my blogs.

Akismet is a great plugin that makes sure that your search engine rankings aren’t affected by comment spam. You have to sign up for a free (paid accounts available too) Akismet API key.

Wp Ad Slinger

I can already tell this is going to be one of my favorite plugins for 2013. All you need to know is that it will let you display the same style ads that you see on Facebook. You can read my Wp Ad Slinger review here.

Go ahead and log into your FB account and see how many people have click on those things. Looks like this thing might just put Adsense on the back burner.

All In One Seo

If you want to get to the top of search engines make sure you grab this one. Some of my favorite things is that is is really straight forward to use and I can generate meta tags for each individual post on my website. This is the information that shows up in the search engines results.


This is an easy to use social bookmarking plugin that looks great. You have the option to display any of the 99 most popular sites built in. You can integrate it with Google Analytics which I like.

Ultimate Google Analytics

If you want to improve your website then having accurate visitor data is very important. This plugin is easy to set up and automatically adds the Google Analytics JavaScript to all your pages so you don’t have to mess with any header or footer html code.

FormGet Contact Form

This is the new contact form I have just started using on my contact me page . I like it because you can customize what fields you want with a single click of the mouse.

I only downside is that you have to sign up for a free account at http://www.formget.com/ but with it you can to save 300 different form variations which is pretty cool.

Exclude Pages From Navigation

I love this because it allows me to create pages and then exclude them from the primary navigation. I’ve used it in the footer of this website for the pages under admin.

Broken Link Checker

This is an awesome link that checks all the links of your website to make sure they are all working properly. It will let you know within your dashboard or even better you can set it up so that it automatically emails you when there is a problem.

Although plugins are awesome and can be a lot of fun be careful with how many you install on your blog because everything you add slows down your site. Some are worse offenders than other so just keep that in mind. You can install WP Super Cache to help speed your site up.

I could go on and on about the best WP plugins but I will leave you with that list for now. I will add some more of my favorites in the near future.

FB Profit Tactics – Helping You Make Money on Facebook

If you are looking for my Wp Ad Slinger review here it is. Now onto my FB Profit Tactics

FB Profit TacticsDid you know you can make money online without even having a product, website, or email list? All you need is FB Profit Tactics to teach you the ins and outs of profiting on Facebook.

You’ll get training videos and a PDF report to get you started. With a billion people using Facebook, it’s a great place to make a profit.

The Facebook Training Your Will Get

In these great training videos you’ll get a step by step guide through three different modules. These modules are:

Fan Page Profits:

  • In this module you’ll learn tactics to help build great fan pages and nurture a large targeted audience for your page.
  • Most importantly you’ll learn how to make money from your FB audience. This method gives you an ongoing and growing profit market.

No Page No Website:

  • This module will teach you how to be an affiliate on FB, as well as create and implement advertisements. This strategy is a great way to make some quick money.

Magic Pyramid

  • Facebook for the Web: Finally, adding a website to your FB money-making recipe. This module teaches you to build lists, create and have complete control offers, and generate traffic.
  • Learn why you want to add a site to your FB tactics strategy.

These three combined tactics will have you using direct linking, your own website, and Facebook fan pages to create a huge earning system on FB and get you a piece of the expanding profit opportunities on this site. Currently FB is set to make $4 billion this year alone.

Who Needs This Product?

If you’re new to Facebook marketing or just looking for tips to help increase your sales, FB Profit Tactics is right for you. With a low price of $9.53 you’re getting a lot of value for your buck.

It’s a great one time price for a long-term investment opportunity. Unfortunately the price will go up so get it soon.

What Do I Need to Know Before I Buy It?

You really don’t need to know anything about internet marketing before learning and implementing these strategies. It’s a great product for beginners. You don’t need to be a Facebook expert or have a website.

You aren’t required to have a fan base already. You don’t even need to have your own content or a lot of time on your hands to start making money with FB Profit Tactics.

Who Created FB Profit Tactics?

These strategies have worked so well for their creators Bill Guthrie and Denis Balitsky that they want to share them with you. Denis Balitsky makes most of his income from Facebook using this strategy and Bill Guthrie has made $3,696 in only one week. Neither product creator works in a 9-5 job anymore as they are so successful online.

Check Out Their Other Products

Bill and Denis have had a lot of success online with a bunch of different strategies. Check out some of their other goodies to find more ways to profit with online marketing.